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Understanding The Process Of ETA Kanada

If you are a visa exempt foreign national, an individual that would like to fly into Canada, you need to go through what is called the Electronic Travel Authorization system set up by the Canadian government. Also referred to as the eTA, it is very similar to the Visa Waiver Program that was set up by the United States. It is an electronic system, one that will be directly connected to your passport. Once you have applied, and you have been approved, it will be valid for five years from the point of your approval. It will also be dependent upon the validity of the passport. If the passport expires, once it is renewed, you will then have to renew your ETA Kanada once again.

How Does The Process For Obtaining A Canadian Visa Work?

The ETA Kanada process is actually very simple. You will go through the eTA website, and with your valid passport, and a valid credit card, you will be ready to get this done. There will be some documentation that you will fill out digitally. Once the online form is submitted, and it is approved, will pay a total of seven dollars in Canadian money. You will also receive confirmation via email, and if there are any problems, they will tell you and you will submit those documents digitally.

How Long Does The Process Take?

Most people are able to go through the system in just a few minutes. It is easy to fill out the form, and even if you have to submit additional documents, it will not take that much longer. If you have everything ready, you can go to the main Canadian website for Electronic Travel Authorization. Simply click the button, fill out the information, and make your payment at the end. It is really that simple to get your visa to travel into Canada as long as your country as part of the eTA program.…

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