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Canada ETA

Canada a is one of the most preferable destinations for both immigrants and tourists. As such, it receives many visa applications annually. Canada ETA is an electronic travel authorization that can be used in place of a visa. It is an important travel document that can help one travel through Canada or go into the country for other purposes such as business or holiday.

Before applying, it’s advisable to find out necessary information pertaining to the process. Some of them include:

Having the payment method ready for immediate use when needed.It’s impossible to save the form for later use.
The receipt cannot be saved for printing later. You therefore have to print it immediately.
Communication only takes place through email. You should therefore be vigilant so that you don’t fall prey to fraudsters who may use other modes of communication. The email comes from official government email address. If it doesn’t appear on your primary email folder, check the spam folder.

Despite having a limited time to complete the process, you can request additional time. A warning will pop up after the intended time has passed but you can continue by choosing to “continue session”.

Canada Visa


Meeting the Canada ETA visa requirements is important in making the application process smooth. It helps you prepare the relevant documents and other necessary factors and as such, makes the application simpler. Some of the requirements include:


You have to be a resident of a visa exempt country to be able to use ETA. Some of those countries include the UK, Ireland and Australia among others.

Passport number

Your passport number must be valid since it’s the only valid document you can use to travel with. This number plays a vital role in getting the Canada ETA visa.

Email address

This is important for purposes of communication. You must have a valid email address that you use during the time application.

Application fee

This is a non-refundable amount that is paid when the application process is completed. It is a standard fee of 7CAD and can be paid using different methods such as debit cards, credit cards or master cards among others.

Application process

Canada visa application is done online which makes it very convenient. It’s simple, fast and easy and usually takes a short period before one gets feedback.

To apply, you need to fill the application form online at one go. Once you start, you will not be able to save the form for later use. You therefore have to have all your information ready before you begin. The form is available at the government’s website.

The next step is verifying that you have entered the correct information. This is important since any mistake can lead to denial of your ETA.
The next stage is making payment through any method convenient for you.

The final step is receipt of your ETA document. This can either happen immediately or within 72hours.


Although ETA can aid in your travel, you also need financial preparation to make your stay smooth. Having proof that your stay in Canada is only temporary can also help with immigration officials. ETA has many benefits such as saving time, improving security, having automated updates and prohibiting illegal migration. It also helps with easy passage into the country. Administration within the border is better making it easier to handle crossing issues.…

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