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Why The ETIAS France Visa Is So Important

Many people do not realize that the country of France is at the top of the list for the most visited country in the world when it comes to tourism. It surpassed over 80 million people back in 2012, and more people are coming every year. Unfortunately, there has also been an increase in the number of terrorist attacks that have inflicted this country. This makes it unsafe for not only the people that live there, but the people that are also going to be tourists now and in the future. Once the ETIAS France visas are mandatory, this is going to help with the situation.

What Is ETIAS?

If you are not familiar with this program, it is the European form of the ESTA that the United States implemented many years ago. Similar also to the Canadian program, it issues visas that are good for 90 days. Currently, people in over 60 countries can travel into European union countries without needing to get one. This is why there might be such a huge problem with activism in countries like France which can get out of control. Once they are able to track everyone that comes in, it will be much easier to handle these problems. As a tourist, you will also feel safer knowing that you will not have to worry about as many potential people causing problems.

When Will These Be Issued?

ETIAS France visas will be issued around 2021. This is a date that they are trying to achieve. There are many digital things that need to be worked out such as requesting that people have a passport, and an email, and connecting this with the visa that will be granted. Everything will be done electronically, including the approval process. After it is implemented, we should see that it will work just as well as those that are in Canada and the US.…

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