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5 Best Tips If You’re Flying to Alberta, Canada

Posted on by Anna Lewis

Right after you get your Canada ETA, it’s time to fly and go to Alberta, Canada. The place is worth the visit, especially if you’ve come prepared for the site. Here are some tips to help make your trip to Alberta a success.

Pack the Right Clothes

Alberta can be unpredictable when it comes to its weather, and it can change quickly during the day. You can experience both hot and cold temperatures during the day, which is why layering is essential. Make sure to bring clothes for the cold weather, such as jackets, scarves, mittens, and booths. If you’re traveling in the summer, don’t forget to pack sunblock, shades, and hats to protect you from the sun.

Metric System and Time zone

Traffic and highway indicators are measured by, and the temperature is measured in degrees Celsius. For its time zone, make sure to set your devices to the Mountain Time Zone (GMT -7 hours).

Electric Devices

One of the major concerns of many travelers is electrical outlets. Luckily Canada uses 110 volts for its electric currents, similar to the US. Power outlets are two parallel flat blades, but make sure to bring universal adaptors just in case your device requires a different kind of outlet.

Entrance to Attractions

If you plan on visiting national parks in Canada, make sure to buy your park passes. There is a day pass, as well as an annual pass for people who want to explore different national parks in Canada. Fishing is also a fun activity in Canada, and passes can be bought in almost any sporting goods stores, gas stations, and even convenience stores.

You can also visit Canada’s Wildlife, but remember to exercise caution. Canada has a lot of large animals, like bears, deer, and moose. Never approach any of these animals, especially if you’re alone.  If you do, keep a safe distance, and make lots of noise to scare the animals away. If you’re out on a hunting activity, make sure to obtain the licensing requirements, and remember that you cannot hunt in national parks.


In Canada, Cannabis is legal, so don’t be surprised that people are smoking or vaping cannabis. If you plan on using Cannabis, make sure to check the rules, especially in the municipality you’re staying in. Travelers are expected to observe the rules because Cannabis is illegal in other borders.

Don’t forget these tips once you reach Alberta, Canada, to have the best travel experience. Don’t forget to maximize and enjoy your visit.…

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