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Esta Fraud and How to Avoid It

Posted on by Anna Lewis

When the US began charging applicants for esta application in 2010, several sites under different companies sprouted around the world under the name of esta. All of which rips off applications by asking them to pay up to ten times larger than the original fee for the authorization, and worst, stealing their information. To avoid getting scammed in your esta application, here are specific points you need to remember:

Apply through the Official ESTA Website

The best way to avoid paying unnecessary charges and falling victim to other fraudulent activities is by registering only through the official ESTA website at Other sites that end .esta, .org, .com, .us, or any other, are not legitimate and are not operated by the United States government. Keep in mind that all of the US official websites end with the domain extension .gov.

Be Mindful of the Total Fee

The official ESTA website only charges applicants with a total fee of $14.00. This charge consists of two parts: $4.00 for processing the application and the remaining $10.00 for the authorization fee which will only be charged if your application gets approved. If your esta application is refused, you will only have to pay for the $4.00 application fee.

If in any case, you are prompted to pay more than the said amount, then you’re not at the official  Customs and Border Protection (CBP) website. CBP would not be responsible for any extra fees that may be incurred by your PayPal or your bank for the transaction.

Spot Scam Websites

It may be hard to distinguish fraudulent websites because the majority of them have created sites closely resembling the official ESTA website. Innocent applicants easily get deceived and fall prey.

If you happen to apply through one of these illegitimate sites, you will end by forking out higher fees. Sadly, these websites don’t actually process your esta application, and your money goes straight to waste. More often, they will provide you a document or a certificate after your register. However, if you check it with CBP, your application doesn’t exist.

Another strong reason why you need to be careful with these websites is that you can put your personal data at risk. You can unwarily divulge your travel documents and bank details with them. They would also know the specific dates when you will leave your home, which can also jeopardize your property.


As an applicant, make sure always to check and do ample research first before proceeding with any application. Be always inquisitive and alert to avoid any fraudulent activity affect you.…

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5 US Urban Destinations You Need to Visit

Posted on by Anna Lewis

The United States is the home to some of the best tourist spots. From natural wonders to urban landmarks, the country has something in store for any kind of traveler. In this article, we will look at some of the best urban locations from all over the US.

  1.    Pike Place Market

Opened in 1907 in Seattle, Washington, the Pike Place Market is considered an iconic part of the city.  Providing a great view of the Elliot Bay, the Pike Place Market has some of the best and oldest shops to buy fish in the region. The local fishmongers, who toss around their fish in a dramatic fashion, also add to the market’s draw. Plus, coffee aficionados would want to drop by the original Starbucks coffee shop, also located here.

  1.    Las Vegas Strip

Known as a gambling oasis worldwide, some of the most popular casinos and hotels are at the Las Vegas strip. Located at the southern part of the Nevada desert, the strip is considered as the “Disney World” for adults. Casinos and hotels in the area carry beautiful and extravagant designs while having names that inspire the imagination. Some of the world’s most significant boxing events are held here as well.

  1.    Walt Disney World

Speaking of Disney World, this amusement park is found in Orlando, Florida. Given the nickname “The Happiest Place on Earth”, Disney World is composed of several sparks with different themes. These include Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and the Blizzard Beach Water Park, to name a few.

Some of the major attractions here, aside from the rides, are the theater shows, shopping districts, and the fantastic food.  Parks also have hotels within them, allowing people to stay overnight and experience the nightlife Disney World provides.

  1.    Kennedy Space Center

For fans of space ships, space travel and anything space-related, the Kennedy Space Center is a top destination. Situated in Cape Canaveral in Florida, it has been the launch site for human space flight since 1968. In the space center, visitors can learn about early space travel, as well as some of its pioneers. There are also exhibits where participants can experience the thrill of going to the moon.

  1.    The White House

Built between 1792 and 1800, the White House is the official residence and office of the US President.  Located in Washington, DC (not to be confused with Washington state), President John Adams was the first to use the White House.

Due to the 9/11 terrorist attack, visits to the White House are requested at least six months in advance.  Requests are done via your country’s US ambassador and granted for groups of 10 or more. Also, you may inquire through ESTA Visa on if you want to visit the White House.

This is only a condensed list, and there are undoubtedly a lot more tourist attractions in the US. There are other great places to go to, though we hope this quick guide would help you plan your itinerary. Most importantly, remember to have fun when traveling.…

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