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Popular Activities to Try in Texas

Posted on by Anna Lewis

If all your knowledge about the United States of America is based on movies and television series, you might have already heard about the state of Texas, where most wild west movies are usually set. Although when it comes to local attractions, there isn’t much to see in Texas, there are a lot of must-try activities when you visit the state with your esta france and here are some of them.

Float Down Any River

Texas has a unique rite of passage that involves boozing while you are tubing down a river. It does not matter which stream you pick. The Comal will give you an urban feel in its quick float. The Guadalupe will provide you with a killer party scene. On the other hand, both the Brazos and Possum Kingdom dam will be the perfect choice if you care about the scenery. The spring-fed and cool San Marcos and Frio will help you with the heat.

Visit the Big Bend

The Big Bend National Park is one of the largest in the US. It is easy to get lost in its desolate 800,000 acres area. You can choose to hike the Mafuro Vega and Chimneys, two of its most famous trails. You can also walk along the Santa Elena Canyon, the Valley that separates Mexico from the US. The desert oasis is lush enough to become a perfect scene for your Instagram feed. If you like astronomy, you can also spend the night under its sky and have a good view of the stars in contrast to the darkness.

Taste the Best Burgers of the State

One of the most unusual but enjoyable activity you can do in Texas is to roam around the state in search of the best burger among the 19 contenders. You can start your food adventure at Swift’s Attic and order their Bowling Alley Burger. The next one you should try is the Bean Burger served at Tookie’s. Some of the must-tries are the Burger from Hell at the Coyote Bluff Café, and the Blue Ribbon Burger at Cured.

Texas offers a lot of activities you can enjoy because of its rich culture that is a mixture of Czech, American, and even Mexican. If you are going to visit the USA anytime soon, make sure to drop by Texas to cross some of these amazing things from your checklist.

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