Things You Need To Know About Canada Visa UK

Things You Need To Know About Canada Visa UK

If you’re looking for information on Canada Visa UK, you have come to the right place. Canada has recently introduced electronic travel facility for some countries. Details of the countries that are on this list is available on the website of the agency responsible for issuing visa. UK is one of the countries that is on the approved list.

In simple terms, it means that individuals with UK passport do not need to get visa in the traditional manner. UK passport holders who want travel to Canada need to apply for an electronic travel authorisation. The electronic travel authorisation is also known as E visa. There are several benefits of this process. One of the biggest benefits is that everything is online and one does not need to step out of their home in order to get the authorisation.

If you plan to visit Canada, you can apply for Canada Visa UK by going to the agency website and applying for an electronic travel authorisation for your visit. It is important for you to keep in mind that this travel authorisation is limited to specific purposes. If you intend to visit Canada for a purpose other than the purposes specified in the electronic travel authorisation list, you need to get different kind of visa. However, if your purpose of visit is one of those listed in the purposes specified in ETA list, you are welcome to apply for E visa.

The process is pretty simple. You will need to provide certain information on their website. To provide information, you will need your passport and a credit card along with some other information that is needed by the agency. Once you have submitted the information and paid the fees, you should expect to get the electronic authorisation on your email within a few hours. In many cases, the authorisation is granted within a few minutes. In case you are not given the authorisation, you are always free to apply for the traditional visa.

If you have any doubts about the process or you’re not sure about the information to be submitted, you can take help from one of the many companies offering their services to submit the application form on your behalf. One of the main benefits of utilising the services of such companies is that they pre-check all the information and make you aware of any shortcomings. You need to provide them the required information and they will submit the authorisation form on your behalf. However, you need to understand that these companies cannot guarantee approval of your travel authorisation. They will submit the information on your behalf and the decision to grant your travel organisation lies solely with the Canadian agency.

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